About me

Hi! My name is Sadie Hill and I moved to Chicago from Lansing, Iowa when I was just eighteen, fresh out of high school and more than ready for a change. I always knew food was my passion, but moving to Chicago to attend culinary school presented me with more opportunities than I could ever imagine. I'm now a twenty something, full time nanny,food blogger, and Social media consultant.  I spend my days baking and creating new recipes, finding the best coffee shops, and exploring the amazing food scene in Chicago. Food-blogging has always been an interest of mine but between school and working a full time job I haven't had much free time the past couple of years. one of the biggest DECISIONS i've ever made was to move from small-town Iowa to one of the biggest cities in the country and these past couple of years have had impact on my life and who i am today. I have gained so much knowledge of flavors and food in the past two years and I cannot wait to share my favorite recipes,restaurants, and adventures with you!HI